Christ Ashram
Banpuri P.O
Jammu & Kashmir-185153.
Mob: 09419171795

Sunderbani Christ Ashram

Sunderbani is a beautiful town inhabited mostly by well off people. It is almost 75 kms from Jammu on the Poonch road.With great effort, Fr. Jose Edappadiyil, purchased three acres of plain land 4 km away from the town. Fr. Joseph Aippanparambil has constructed a small house on the land from where he leads a contemplative life and carries out pastoral work.Since there is no good education institution in the town, there is sufficient scope for a school. But due to hostility from fundamentalists, it hasn’t been possible to start any developmental work yet. It is hoped that the problem will be settled in due course and that we will be able to serve the people here.


Fr. Joseph Aippanparambil Director