The Good News which Jesus proclaimed and which he himself became was especially a “good news to the poor…..release to the captives…and liberty to those who are oppressed”. It was thus he announced “the acceptable year of the Lord” (Lk.4: 18-20). As this good news was fulfilled in Jesus, so must it be fulfilled in and through our life and mission.

The members of the Congregation, by the profession of evangelical counsels, are committed to share in the life and holiness of the Church more intimately and, hence, undertake the mission to serve the divine plan for the kingdom of God by proclaiming the gospel of Christ. The most efficacious means for the fulfillment of this mission is the living witness of the evangelical life the members lead. The founding fathers, activated by an intense prayer life, undertook every form of activity required by the actual needs of the Church, and those apostolic works enriched their prayer life. Following their example, the members of the Congregation try to blend both prayer and apostolic activities harmoniously in a way that each enriches the other.