Koodathai Bazar P.O
Kozhikode-673 573
Ph: 0495- 2248226, 2248240
Estd. 1944

Lourdes Matha Parish, Koodathai

From 1935 onwards the CMI had been rendering pastoral services under the direction of the Bishop of Calicut. It became a parish under the Calicut diocese in 1944. Fr. John Secura was the vicar of the parish. Later CMI priests took over the parish. In 1950,Fr. Raymond became the vicar. From 1953, the centre of the parish was established at Venapara. Frs. Henry Suso, Theophin, Rodrigues and Antoninus served here.

In February 1962, the Koodathai monastery and church were taken over by the CMI congregation. From 1962, the monastery chapel, later called Lourdes Matha Church, at Koodathai was being used as a semi parish church, since the parish church itself was quite far away. At the request of the people, on January 1st 1973,the Lourdes Matha church was upgraded to a parish and Fr.George Nadukaniyil was appointed the first parish priest. The Bishop of Thalassery, Rev. Dr. Sebastian Vallopilly consecrated the Lourdes Matha Church. The construction of the cemetery was completed under the lead of Fr. Mariadas. In the same year, the construction of a new monastery was completed under the guidance of Fr. Joseph Kunniparambil. The parish now has 216 families. It has two way side chapels. The first one is located at Koodathai Bazaar and was constructed 1981 by Fr.Thomas Panthaplackal and blessed on 8th May 1981. The second chapel is at Chundakunnu Junction.Its construction was started in 1996 by Fr. Thomas Panthaplackal and completed by Fr.Thomas Theneth.


Lourdes Matha Parish, Ph: 0495- 2248226, 2248240
St. Mary's School (H.S & H.S.S), Ph: 0495-2248126


Fr. Jose Edappadiyil Prior, Manager, Vicar & Teacher
Fr. Sibi Emmanuel Ponpara Principal, St. Mary's HSS
Fr. Renny Kappumkal Teacher, St. Mary's HSS
Fr. Mathew Pathrapankal Provincial Auditor
Fr. Jacob Moorikkunnel Headmaster, St. Mary's HS
Fr. Binesh Kizhekkepurackal Teacher, St. Mary's HSS
Fr. Jose Choorakunnel Teacher, St. Mary's HS
Fr. Bibin Manchapallil Teacher, St. Mary's HS