Join the CMI

We, the CMIs, are very happy to welcome you to our communities and institutions of apostolate. Young men are cordially invited to join the congregation and become a missionary, committing himself to God in prayer and discipleship, and to all people of God in love and service. Associates of CMIs’ (ACMI) that are established attached to our houses and institutions are groups of men and women who partake of the CMI spirit and join with us in prayer and service. We lead a life of prayer and apostolic service; there are among us contemplatives who live in ashrams, retreat preachers, pastors and missionaries directly engaged in spiritual ministries, educators who spend their whole life for the holistic growth of the young in schools and colleges, social workers with special concern and commitment for the poor and the marginalized, apostles of the media who spread the Good News through print and electronic means and so on. Manifold are the fields which await the young men who are ready to accept the challenge of Christ’s discipleship in the way shown by Blessed Kuriakose Elias Chavara and willing to carry on the charism he and other CMI founding fathers have bequeathed to the Church in India.